VP Floor Cleaner
  • Safely used as an all-purpose cleaner on floors, walls, countertop, restroom surfaces
  • Removes dirt and protects floor finishing and surfaces so it does not discolor
  • Shines the surfaces and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
  • To be diluted with normal water before use.
  • One gallon can be used for over 60days
  • 5 Liter.
  • For effective results, dilute according to instructions
  • Affordable

Product Description

The Viking Hard Surface Cleaner is safely used as an all-purpose cleaner for all hard surfaces like floors, walls, countertops, restroom surfaces, tables etc. The product also removes dirt and protect floor finishing. Shines surfaces and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Can be diluted with water or used directly (when dirt or stain is heavy).

No rinsing, leaves no residue. Ideal for light to high traffic areas and homes.  5 Liter x 4 per carton.

Recommended dilution: Daily Cleaning: 50-100ml   / 15 L water

                            Main Cleaning: 150-200ml / 15 L water

Top quality product at best price. Great value for cleaning companies, resellers and end users.

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