Where and who can use the dispensers?
They are primarily out-of-home products. Thus they are used at workplaces, churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, mosques, restaurants, factories etc. Nonetheless many have started using it for their homes.
Where can the dispensers be used?
Some are fixed in customers washrooms to be used (All dispensers). Some are used only in the washrooms (Centerpoint Toilet Roll Dispenser & Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser). Some can be used in the kitchen and washrooms (CenterPull Towel Dispenser, Paper Towel Dispenser, Foam Soap Dispenser, Liquid Soap Dispenser). Some can be used in both the washrooms and at receptions (Carpex Auto Hand Sanitiser Dispenser)
Can I get someone to install for me?
Yes .We have trained installers who will offer you a very good service at a very affordable rate. Kindly visit our Website(www.ttphygiene.com) and choose your installer based on place of residence.
Are all Dispensers installed? I don’t want to drill holes on my wall.
All our Dispensers are installed for effective use and also to prevent theft.
How do you install your Dispensers?
We have a step by Step installation guide with a video on our Website(www.ttphygiene.com) to help you install the right way.You can also get someone to install for you on our website(www.ttphygiene.com)
Do you Offer Cleaning Services?
No we don't. TTP Hygiene is a Professional Hygiene products company. We stock quality cleaning supplies and related hygiene products for commercial cleaning needs at best market prices.
Do you sell Automatic Hand Dryer?
Our Paper Towels dries the hands better together with our Strong ABS Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser which requires no Batteries or Electricity.
Do you have Automatic Soap Dispensers?
No we only have the manual ones. Because of the likelihood of water getting into the auto machines in the washrooms, they do not last as long as the manual dispensers.
Do you have Stainless Steel Dispensers?
No we do not have stainless steel dispensers. The ABS Plastic type we have do not rust and last longer.
Do Dispensers Come in Different Colours?
Our Dispensers come in a combination of White and Grey colour.
How do you Fix the Refills?
We have a step by Step installation guide with a video on our Website(www.ttphygiene.com) to help you install the right way.
Can the dispensers be used at homes?
Yes. Even though it was made for out-of-home market (workplaces, churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, mosques, restaurants, factories etc.), many individuals are increasingly buying for home use.
Which type of Soap Dispensers do you have?
We have the Liquid soap dispenser which is the universal type (it takes any quality liquid soap) and the Foam soap dispenser Cartridge type (It uses specific refill).
Can I use any liquid soap in the Liquid Soap Dispenser?
Yes you can use any liquid soap if it’s quality. Some liquid soaps contain materials that can cause dispensers to malfunction in a short time. We have Pillar Antibacterial Liquid Soap that is tested for our dispenser so we recommend that.
Which of the Soap Dispensers will save a customer more money?
That depends on the washrooms traffic or traffic at the point of use
Where do you advise that a customer should use the Soap Dispensers?
The Liquid Soap Dispenser is OK to use at workplaces, churches, mosques, schools, hospitals etc. The Foam Soap Dispenser comes with a nicely fragranced soap that is dispensed as a rich foam and appropriate for the hospitality Industry (hotels, guest houses, lodges).
Can the Soap Dispensers be used to dispense alcohol-based sanitizers?
No. Most dispensers for sanitizers are made with materials that can withstand alcohol. Otherwise the dispenser will break down in a short time.
Does the Foam Soap Cartridge last long?
Yes they last very long and thus saves a lot of money.
Can I use the dispensers in a kitchen?
Yes you can use the following in the kitchen; -(CenterPull Dispenser, Liquid Soap Dispensers and Foam Soap Dispenser) they can be used in the kitchen/kitchenette/ canteen at the workplace
Can the Paper Towel Dispenser take any size of the tissue?
No. It depends on the width of the opening point of the dispenser. Thus,some will take smaller tissues and others will take wider tissues. It is best to measure the length and breadth of the opening point and also to measure the length and breadth of the paper towels.
Where do you recommend the use of the Paper Towel and CenterPull Towel Dispenser?
The Paper Towel dispenser is appropriate for the washrooms and the CenterPull Dispenser is appropriate for kitchenettes at Offices, canteens and kitchens at home. This notwithstanding, people have individual preferences and some use the CenterPull Dispensers in washrooms.
Can the Toilet Roll Dispensers take any size of the toilet roll?
No. The Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser and CenterPoint Toilet Roll Dispensers have their specific refills.
How does the CenterPoint Toilet Roll Dispenser give out the toilet tissues?
The toilet tissue is dispensed in small quantities from a small opening on the side of the dispenser. Click to view video (www.ttphygiene.com)
Is there warranty on Your Dispensers?
Our Dispensers are made of Strong ABS Plastic, thus can withstand any pressure. But in the event of the Dispenser not functioning as prescribed we guarantee you replacement within 21-days after Purchase. ( NB: With our Liquid Soap Dispenser, we guarantee replacement only when  used together with our Pillar Antibacterial Liquid Soap)
Are your tissues virgin or recycled?
They are Virgin tissues.
What is the difference between recycled and virgin tissues?
The virgin tissues are made from fresh raw material and so they look whiter. The recycled tissue is from recycled material and they look brownish.
How many Paper Towels are in a box?
There are 12packs in a box. And each pack has 200sheets. So that makes it 2,400 Sheets per box.
How many of sheets of the Paper Towels will I need to dry my hands?
It depends on the size of people’s hands and how much water is on it. However, on the average, two(2) sheets will dry the hands.
What is the Dimension of your Paper Towel?
Our Tissue Length is 21 x 23cm
What is the thickness of sheet for Paper Towel?
17 gsm. Tougher and also gentle on the hands
Are the Paper Towels Packed in a box?
They are packed in a strong paper box.
Do you have the Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser?
No we do not have that. We have the manual types. A lot more customers prefer the manual types because they are affordable and have less maintenance issues.
Are the Toilet Rolls one (1) ply or more?
They are two (2) ply with soft texture.
Can Your Toilet Rolls be used for any Dispenser?
Our Toilet Rolls may fit into other dispensers.
Do you have three ply toilet rolls?
No. But the two ply is quality and as good or better than the three ply. Note that the rolls can be three ply and still be lighter than a two ply.
Are the toilet rolls packed in a box?
They are packed in a strong transparent polythene material.
What is the thickness of the sheet for Mini jumbo Toilet Roll?
17 gsm. Soft and gentle and wipes effectively.
What is the thickness of sheet for CenterPoint Toilet Roll?
17gsm. Soft and gentle and wipes effectively.
What is the length of your Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls?
The Toilet Roll is 125 meters long.
What is the Size/ Dimension of your T-roll?
Our Toilet Roll has the following Dimensions; CenterPoint Toilet Roll (18 cm length x 13cm width) Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll (21cm length x 9cm Width)
How many foam soap cartridges are there in a box?
Each cartridge is 800ml and packed in 12 per box
How long can the box of Foam Soap last?
It depends on the traffic in the Washroom. But generally, they last very long.
How many Liquid Soap Dispensers can the gallon of soap fill?
A gallon of the liquid soap will fill over four soap dispensers. Each dispenser has a capacity/volume of 1Litre.
What are your Mop Handles made of?
Our Mop Handles are made from strong Aluminum.
My Mop is broken, Can it be replaced?
Yes. We have various parts of the Mop available.
What are your Mop Buckets made of?
They are made from Strong ABS Plastic and Aluminum.
How do I assemble the double mop bucket?
Please click on the link to watch assembling steps
How do I assemble the wet mop?
Please click on the link ( frNHuPycceM&t=14s ) to watch assembling steps.
Do You Sell Single Mop Buckets?
No we don’t. But we recommend the Double Bucket prevent Cross-Contamination.
Why do you have different colour for wet mop?
The Blue  Mop is ideal for General areas, and the Red Mop for Washrooms. This is internally recommended for high hygiene standards.
Why do you have different colour for mop bucket?
To enhance colour coded cleaning, The Blue bucket is for storing the water solution to be used together with the wet mop, Whiles the Red bucket is for storing dirty water squeezed from the wet mop. This is internally recommended for high hygiene standards.
How much water does the mop bucket hold?
The mop bucket can carry up to 25 liters of water.
What can I use to clean my Car’s Windscreen?
Our Combo Window Squeegee is ideal for this use
How do I assemble the dust sweeper?
Please click  on the video link ( Q1SWkSuxkD8 ) to watch  the assembling steps
What is the length of your Telescopic Pole?
Our Telescopic Pole is 9 Meter Long when pulled out fully.
Do you do Deliveries?
Yes we do deliveries.
Do you charge for Deliveries?
Yes we do, Our Delivery service is done by a separate courier company; however, we have negotiated competitive rates for our customers and also ensuring safe delivery of products.
How can I buy from you without Calling you?
We have an online shopping platform on our website (www.ttphygiene.com). That allows you to order all our items through easy steps.
What are your modes of payment?
We do Cash, Bank transfer, Cheque and Mobile Money. Note that we do not accept post dated cheques.
Do you have credit Terms?
We do not have credit arrangements. Our payments options is Either Cash ,Bank Transfer,Cheque or Mobile Money .