Where and who can use the dispensers?
They are primarily out-of-home products. Thus they are used at workplaces, churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, mosques, restaurants, factories, etc.
Where can the dispensers be used?
Some are fixed in customers' washrooms to be used (All dispensers). Some are used only in the washrooms (Centerpoint Toilet Roll Dispenser & Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser). Some can be used in the kitchen and washrooms (Paper Towel Dispenser, Foam Soap Dispenser, Liquid Soap Dispenser).
Can I get someone to install for me?
Yes. We offer free installation in Accra and Tema
How is the dispenser installed?
We have installation videos to guide you. Check the ‘How To Videos’ tab.
Do you sell Automatic Hand Dryer?
No. It is known that Paper Towels dry the hands better and faster than hand dyers. Besides, there is no electricity cost with Paper Towels and their dispensers
Do you have Automatic Dispensers?
No, we only have the manual ones. Because of the likelihood of water getting into the auto machines in the washrooms, they do not last as long as the manual dispensers
Do you have Stainless Steel Dispensers?
No. Our dispensers are made from strong ABS plastic and they do not rust. Stainless Steel Dispensers tend to rust.
How do you Fix the Refills?
Our installation videos also show how to fix the consumables. Check the ‘How To Videos’ tab
Can the Toilet Roll Dispensers take any size of the toilet roll?
No. The Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser and CenterPoint Toilet Roll Dispensers have their specific consumables/refills
How does the CenterPoint Toilet Roll Dispenser give out the toilet tissues?
The toilet tissue is dispensed/pulled from the small opening on the front of the dispenser. Check the ‘How To Videos’ tab.
Is there warranty on Your Dispensers?
Our Dispensers are made of Strong ABS Plastic, thus can withstand any pressure. But in the event of the Dispenser not functioning as prescribed we guarantee you replacement within 21-days after Purchase. ( NB: With our Liquid Soap Dispenser, we guarantee replacement only when  used together with our Pillar Antibacterial Liquid Soap)
Are your tissues virgin or recycled?
They are Virgin tissues.
What is the difference between recycled and virgin tissues?
The virgin tissues are made from fresh raw material and so they look whiter. The recycled tissue is from recycled material and they look brownish.