Pillar Paper Towel
  • Used in public washrooms
  • Super absorbent virgin white hand tissues for hand drying.
  • A highly recommended hygienic hand drying option by public health experts
  • Comfort and hygienic hand tissues
  • 16 packs per box, 150 sheets per pack.
  • To be used with Vialli Paper Towel Dispenser(sold separately) 

Product Description

The Papilion Z/N Fold Hand Tissue is a super absorbent virgin white hand tissue.

When it comes to comfort and hygiene these tissues are the best in the market. 12 packs per box, 200 sheets per pack.

To be used with the Vialli Z/N fold hand tissue dispenser (sold separately) or any other appropriate Z/N fold hand tissue. For use in public washrooms. You only pull the amount of tissue needed without touching the next tissue, this make it very hygienic. A highly recommended hygienic option by public health experts over woolen or cotton towels Top quality product at best price. Great value for cleaning companies, resellers and end users.

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