Hunt's Dust Sweeper(Full Set)
  • Suitable for hard floor surfaces
  • Ideal for general purpose dust sweeping
  • Strong and durable
  • Traps dirt effectively
  • Comfortable grip aluminum handle
  • High quality plastic clip-on holder with flexible knobs for easy movement
  • Removable, strong and easy to use stainless steel dust mop frame

Product Description

The Hunt’s Dust Sweeper (Full Set) is a strong and durable product ideal for general purpose dust sweeping. An effective way of sweeping, an ideal cleaning for corners and nook. It traps dirt effectively. Comes with a high-quality plastic clip-on holder with flexible knobs for easy movement. Strong stainless-steel dust mop frame. A removable and easy to use holder. Suitable for hard floor surfaces.

Top quality product at best price. Great value for cleaning companies, resellers and end users

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